Welcome to R.E.A.L Therapy Solutions – we have over 24 years of expertise in counseling and coaching experience.

25th February 2024

8101 Sandy Spring, Rd

Laurel, MD 20707

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We provide counseling services that help our clients resolve personal, relational and familial problems.  We demonstrate the high-level of expertise and deliver quality services. There is no problem that is too big for us to resolve.

To better understand what sets us apart from our competitors, you will have to know and understand our President and CEO, Dr. Dwayne L Buckingham. He is living proof that R.E.A.L Transformation is possible.

Dr. Buckingham grew-up in urban America believing that his life was insignificant and dispensable. At an early age he was exposed to the harsh reality of living in the ghetto. The neighborhood streets were filled with violence, drug trafficking and crime. Unfortunately, at the early age of 17 Dr. Buckingham loss his single parent mother to her battle with cancer. But despite all of the madness and destruction around him, Dr. Buckingham successfully exchanged a lifestyle filled with hardship and dread to a lifestyle filled with favor and confidence. “Resilient people find solutions in problems. In contrast, troubled people find problems in every solutions,” said Dr. Buckingham.


Our coaching, consulting and counseling experts believe that change is possible because we find solutions in problems.

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