We use our R.E.A.L. Therapy Counseling Model to enhance individuals abilities experience real (internalize control and genuine interpersonal growth) transformation during counseling and coaching sessions. The model was developed by Dr. Buckingham and is rooted in the school of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Reality Therapy.

Change involves making things different. Some individuals embrace change and grow from it and while others despise change and try to avoid it at all cost. While change can be good at times, a large percentage of individuals dread change, especially when it is involuntary and occurs under adverse conditions.

Dr. Buckingham developed the R.E.A.L. Therapy model to help individuals exchange lifestyles and relationships filled with hardship, disappointment, and dread to lifestyles and relationships filled with favor, satisfaction, and confidence.

R.E.A.L. Therapy is for people who are ready to do real work and experience real transformation. Dr. Buckingham uses his motto, “Victims never win” to inspire his clients to accept responsibility for their choices, take action to correct ineffective behavior and bounce forward stronger, wiser, and better after facing adversity.

R.E.A.L. is articulated as:

R– Realistic approach

We work with clients to help them approach situations in a Realistic manner. Through cognitive processing, we help individuals see life for what is it and gain deeper understanding of thoughts that either create or contribute to their emotional distress and dysfunctional behavior. After our clients gain deeper understanding of their thoughts, we work with them to modify ineffective behavioral patterns that prevents them from healing in a realistic and healthy manner.

**This work is done through the lens of resilience development and enhancement.

E – Rational Expectations

We assist clients with developing rational Expectations so that they can use sound reasoning to cope develop rational expectations of themselves and others.  We remind clients that their expectations influence how they treat themselves and others.

**This work is done through the lens of an introspective and empathy-driven mindset.

A – Positive Attitude

We remind clients of the importance of maintaining a positive Attitude of self and others. This strategy is designed to help them understand that their attitude strongly influences their affect, actions, and behavior.

**This work is done through the lens of resilience building.

L – Love unconditionally

We teach clients how to demonstrate unconditional Love for themselves and others. We teach positive regard and forgiveness, which are essential skills for overcoming hardship.

**This work is done through the lens of emotional intelligence.

By using the R.E.A.L. Therapy Model, we successfully help individuals gain insight and eliminate self-destructive, self-inhibiting, and self-defeating behavior that negatively impacts their emotional health, psychological stability, and overall functioning.