images-9On a regular basis, I am approached by hundreds of inspiring authors who ask, “What does it take to publish a book?” Many of them express a desire to publish a book, but lack proper knowledge about the self-publishing process. With this in mind, I developed “Book Publishing  Made Easy” so that I can personally coach you on how to turn your manuscript into an inspirational and money generating book.

Within the past 6 years I have written and published 6 books. Therefore, I know firsthand what it takes to turn a personal story into published story.

At the conclusion of this informative class you will have everything you need to know about self-publishing. You will have access to downloadable handouts and the curriculum after your payment is processed.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Self-Publish

  1. Fulfill Your Dream
  2. Empower Others by Sharing Your Story
  3. Enhance Your Resume
  4. Own Your Book Rights
  5. Generate Passive Income

Course Outline

By attending this informative teleconference you will:

  • Acquire knowledge about the self-publishing process from manuscript development to marketing
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and rewards of self-publishing
  • Embrace and develop an entrepreneurial spirit that will propel you to generate passive income through self-publishing while also empowering others