Some people work to live and some people live to work. Learning how to successfully navigate through life and your career while creating balance can be challenging at times. We all experience obstacles in life and our careers and occasionally struggle to achieve balance and accomplish our goals.

Our first-class life and career coaching is designed to help individuals like you find purpose in their life and profession. We work diligently to help you gain insight about your purpose. Also, we help you identify and achieve personal and career goals that will propel you to where you want to be in life.

Our President, Dr. Buckingham has successfully exchanged a lifestyle filled with despair and hardship to lifestyle filled with favor and prosperity. He was raised in poverty, but overcame his hardship to enjoy a life filled with prosperity.

If you are confused about your life and career goals and need assistance, we are here for you. Through self-exploration and coaching you can learn to clarify your goals and live a fulfilling live with purpose.

Benefits for You

  • Balance your Life and Learn to Live with Purpose.
  • Overcome Hardship and Pain.
  • Broaden your Perspective.
  • Learn how to develop S.M.A.R.T. Goals.
  • Make Reality and Rational Decision to Ensure Personal and Professional Success.
  • Get what you Desire and Deserve from Life and Work.
  • Personal and Professional Gratification.

Who Should Receive Life and Career Coaching?

  • Individuals who want to live a Life with Purpose.
  • Individuals who strive with Guidance and Encouragement.
  • Individuals who experienced Personal, Relational or Occupational Hardship and Feel Lost.
  • Individuals who are not happy with their career decision.
  • Individuals who struggle with Dating or preparing for marriage while also trying to excel professionally.

Fee and Contract


Book your life and career coaching session now and stop wasting time living a life that is unsatisfactory.