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As a culturally sensitive and highly skilled psychotherapist with more than 22 years of experience, Dr. Buckingham has dedicated his life to treating military members, veterans, adults, teens and couples who have experienced adversity and suffers from a variety of psychological and behavioral challenges such as trauma, relationship distress, domestic violence, depression, grief, anxiety and family dysfunction.

My Specialties include: 


Individual Counseling 

We offer high-quality one-to-one counseling for individuals who suffers from a variety of psychological and behavioral challenges such as occupational stress,  relationship distress, domestic violence, depression, grief, anxiety and family dysfunction. 

Couples Counseling, Pre-marital & Marriage Counseling  

Whether you are dating, engaged or have been married for years, we can help you successfully overcome challenges that threatens your ability to have a healthy and thriving relationship.

Trauma Counseling 

We provide cognitive-behavioral therapy and cognitive processing therapy to help you heal from trauma such as bullying, domestic violence, child abuse, PTSD and exposure to racism and oppression.


Do you want to build on the existing knowledge and coping skills that you currently possess? Would you like to partner with me in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal, relational and/or professional potential?

I am ICF certified coach and would love to help you set goals, create outcomes and management personal change. We will work together to create actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in your life, relationship, organization or business.

Are you ready to enter into a coaching relationship with an emphasis on action, accountability and follow through?

Grief Group  

Our “It Takes Time to Heal” grief group is designed for men and women who have or continue to experience trauma or grieve associated with loss (death, divorce, physical limitations due injury or medical issues, etc.). Participants will be educated about the stages of grieve, gain insight into what it means to grieve normally, learn tasks of mourning, identify the difference between grieve and depression and learn techniques that will help them work through an acute grief situation. 

Parenting Group 

This process-oriented group is designed to help parents address and resolve teen’s inappropriate behavior. Parents will learn how to understand, influence and bond with their teens by recognizing the potential impact of their own emotional and interpersonal issues on their parenting style. A five-step empathy model will be discussed in order to help parents develop healthy and trusting relationships with their emotionally motivated teens.

Single Women’s Dating Group

One of the most challenging circumstances that single women face in regard to dating and selecting a lifetime partner is their inability to select and invest in men who are husband material. It is not uncommon for single women to struggle with distinguishing between great candidates and lifetime partners. This group is designed to help single women gain a deeper understanding of men and will also empower them to date with a purpose. Group size 12 members.

Single Men’s Dating Group

Join me for 12-powerful 1-hour group sessions where you will learn what it takes to find a wife who will honor, respect and trust you. You’ll connect with other like-minded men and discuss how to overcome challenges that prevents you from finding your wife.

The weekly group sessions will help you gain a deeper understanding of women, yourself and your mindset. You will learn how to select quality women with confidence and a purpose