Take Charge of Your Finanical Future by Becoming Your Own Boss


Entrepreneurship 101 is a 7-session, 7 hour class that was created for individuals who desire to control their destiny by becoming entrepreneurs and generating passive income.

As young boy who grew up in the inner city ghetto with seven siblings, I never imaged that I would one day own a thriving consulting firm. The idea of becoming an entrepreneur and generating passive income was foreign to me. I was raised to pursue a good education so that I could get a good job. Securing a good job and working hard for others was commonplace and highly valued among those who nurtured me.

Personally, I do not believe that there is anything wrong with securing a good job and working hard, but I am mindful that working hard for others will not propel my lifestyle or my loved-ones’ lifestyles to the next level. In my short-time on this earth, I have never met anyone who has acquired wealth by solely working hard for others. Given this revelation, I launched my consulting firm in 2006 and have reaped unbelievable financial benefits in a very short time span.

As a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who believe in giving back, I created Entrepreneurship 101 to help you build a prosperous business that will enable you to generate passive income and become financially independent in the twentieth-first century.

Course Outline

Learn the Basics of Entrepreneurship – this lesson is designed to help you understand essential basics of becoming a good entrepreneur. Any individual can start a business, but a good entrepreneur knows how to sustain and grow a business. If you are not sure about what it means to be a good entrepreneur by the end of this lesson you will be able to identify personal qualities that are essential to becoming a good entrepreneur.

Determining Your Business Capability and Prefer – this lesson is designed to help you assess your capability for becoming a good entrepreneur and determining the type of business you prefer to launch. In this lesson, you will be challenged to answer a series of questions and to engage in some soul searching in order to identify the right business it for you.

Understanding the difference between Demand and Desire – this lesson is designed to help you understand the importance of conducting market research and a feasibility study prior to launching your business. Most individuals strive to become entrepreneurs because they are optimistic and have a desire to become financially independent. While this is a noteworthy cause, in this lesson you will learn the importance of levying your desire to become financially independent against demand and supply. You will be challenged to take a realistic look at both the positive and negative aspects of pursuing your business venture.

Considering Money Matters – this lesson is designed to help you build a successful business that thrives despite having little to no financial resources. Many individuals believe that it is impossible to start a business without money. This is not true. In this lesson you will learn how to grow a successful business by getting the most out of the resources that are available to you.

Engaging in Strategic Marketing – this lesson is designed to help you develop a marketing plan that will expand your brand and double your profit. In this lesson you will learn how to use a mixture of marketing tactics such as social media, two-for-one promotion pitches and distributing your products through affiliate programs.

Ensuring Longevity – this lesson is designed to inform you about efficient money management skills and customer-centered services that will successfully grow and sustain your business for years to come. In this lesson you will learn about the importance of maintaining positive cash flow, monitoring your profitability and creating value for your customers.

Planning for the Future – this lesson is designed to help you understand the essential components needed develop a business plan. In this lesson you will learn the importance of writing a detailed business plan that will enable you to achieve your goals and spark interest in potential partners or inventors.