Dwayne Buckingham November 20, 2015 No Comments

Scholarly Achievement

Scholarly achievement involves the discovery of new knowledge and mastery in one or more disciplines by study. Individuals who equip themselves with knowledge through academic study or vocational training, position themselves to succeed in life.


Act with a sense of urgency. Life will pass you by if you do not take advantage of the many blessings that God affords you on a daily basis. Successful people seek out opportunities and capitalize on them. Some people wait on others and some people have others wait on them. Don’t be a waiter – dreams do not come true without action.


Be consistent. Successful people do not give up when faced with adversity. Whatever you do, remember that repetition and regular follow-through is important. Civil Rights leaders were successful because they consistently fought against injustice.


Obligate yourself intellectually and emotionally to a course of action.


Surround yourself by successful people. Remember that you will be influenced by the kind of people you hang around.

Superb Performance

Do your best and perform brilliantly. Be surprisingly good and always strive for excellence.


Take care of yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically in order to sustain. The capacity to endure during rough times in essential to achieving success. Successful people position themselves to run and win the marathon, not the sprint.

I developed the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. acronym in order to motivate and inspire individuals to achieve success. I have personally applied it in my life and thank God for the level of success that I have achieved. I recently finished by dissertation and will be Dr. Buckingham next month. I will be the first and only doctor in my family–God is good. As you strive to achieve success, please consider the tips outlined above – you can achieve whatever your heart desire.