Don’t Settle For Love: You Deserve To Be Loved UnconditionallyMost people accept love, but truly desire unconditional love. Unfortunately, a large percentage of women and men believe that it is impossible to receive and give unconditional love because they were raised in households or communities where love was expressed based on conditions. Like others, Dr. Buckingham lived his life believing that unconditional love was impossible, until God stepped in with direction from His Word, in essence, saying, “Don’t Settle For Love: You Deserve To Be Loved Unconditionally”. In this presentation from his bestselling book, Unconditional Love: What Every Woman and Man Desires in a Relationship, Dr. Buckingham shares how his increased understanding of Godly love enabled him to give and receive the unconditional love that he desires. The information Dr. Buckingham delivers in this heartfelt message will help you to:

  • Discover the difference between Love and Unconditional Love.
  • Remove resentment and anger from your heart and embrace the power of Forgiveness.
  • Survive the storms in your relationship and develop Positive Regard for your partner.
  • Draw close to God and embrace His grace and love in your life.
  • Love without limits…rather than placing conditions on your love.

Target Audience: Singles or couples – married, dating, etc.Age: 18 and overSetting: Marriage and Singles’ retreats, relationship conferences, etc.

Emotional Politicking: Why Some People Succeed In the WorkplaceAs a young and Naïve College graduate, Dr. Buckingham entered the workforce believing that he would succeed in the workplace if he just simply performed brilliantly and demonstrated unwavering commitment to accomplishing the mission. It did not bother him if he was not liked by his colleagues or staff. He often reminded individuals that he was hired to do a job, not to be liked or to develop “touchy feely” relationships. He was trained to believe that there is no place in the workplace for emotions. However, after experiencing tense relationships, being overlooked for a career enhancing position and being passed over for promotion, Dr. Buckingham realized that his ability to succeed in the workplace was not only based on his work ethic, but was also based on his ability to connect with others emotionally. Drawing from his professional experiences in the workplace, research on emotional intelligence and his bestselling book, “Emotional Politicking: Why Some People Succeed in the Workplace”, Dr. Buckingham passes on career enhancing principles and practices that will inspire you to:

  • Develop a high level of emotional intelligence.
  • Establish genuine relationships in the workplace while performing your job.
  • Search for common meaning and purpose in order to connect with individuals who you do not understand or get along with.
  • Achieve your professional goals while successfully navigating through administrative and interpersonal challenges in the workplace.

Target Audience: Employees and leaders in organizationsAge: 18 and overSetting: Business or professional conferences, corporate events, workplace events, teambuilding retreats, etc.

Black Economic Empowerment: I CanIn order to transform the economy to be representative of this diverse and great country, African Americans must actively embrace the “I Can” attitude that our forefathers and mothers embraced. We must embrace an attitude that promotes black economic empowerment. We must teach poor Blacks to be self-sufficient instead of providing them with social welfare. We must tell our children that economic power does not occur by working for money, but by making money work for us. We must support Black own businesses and stop asking for the “hook-up”.

In this uplifting and empowering speech, Dr. Buckingham will help you to:

  • Take an active stance to fight for economic equality and to empower those who are less fortune.
  • Sustain the “I Can” attitude that made the Black community a force to be reckoned with.
  • Learn to appreciate and patronage black businesses.
  • Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and legacy of our forefathers and mothers.
  • Stand with your head held high and say with confidence and conviction “I Can”.

Target Audience: College students and adultsAge: 18 and overSetting: Financial Empowerment Conferences, Career Programs, Black History Month Events, etc.

Black on the Outside, Christian on the InsideThere is nothing wrong with celebrating and honoring our diversity as African Americans, but we must also put forth just as much effort to celebrate and honor Christianity. Being a Christian means we can enjoy peace with God. When we are weary and tired, we can rest assure that we can find peace in Him. If most of us lived in harmony with God, our lives as African Americans would not be as bad. I Peter 5:7 reminds us that one of the greatest blessings enjoyed by Christians is that we can cast our cares on the Lord. In this touching message, Dr. Buckingham encourages attendees to remember that God created them to live as Christians. With Scripture, personal poems, personal illustrations, and, practical advice, Dr. Buckingham provides inspiration, motivation, and step-by-step guidance to help you:

  • Reflect on your calling as a Christian just as much as you reflect on your Ethnicity.
  • Apply God’s promises to your problems and count on His provision when faced with adversity.
  • Talk to God about your daily struggles and gain wisdom from His word.
  • Celebrate God’s creativity and embrace your role as a Christian as equally as you embrace your role as an African American.

Target Audience: ChristiansAge: 12 and overSetting: Church, fellowship center or any place where Christianity is embraced.

How to Achieve S.U.C.C.E.S.S.When Dr. Buckingham was asked to give a 1-hour presentation about how to achieve success at a retreat for disadvantaged youth, he shared 7 tips for helping teens successfully navigate through life’s challenges and to achieve their wildest life goals. Drawing on his experience as African-African male who survived the harsh realities of the growing up in the ghetto to becoming a successful military officer, entrepreneur and psychotherapy, Dr. Buckingham reminds his audience that, one’s ability to achieve success is primarily determined by one’s commitment toward personal development and growth. Whether you are a teen, college student or young adult, Dr. Buckingham will motivate and inspire you to:

  • Value and understand the importance of Scholarly Achievement.
  • Take action and live with a sense of Urgency.
  • Fight for what you believe in and be Consistent.
  • Obligate yourself to a course of action and demonstrate a high level of Commitment.
  • Enhance your social circle in order to ensure that you have proper Exposure.
  • Perform brilliantly and maintain Superb Performance.
  • Take care of yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically in order to ensure Sustainability.

Target Audience: Youth, college students or young adultsAge: 12 and overSetting: Youth events or conferences, college events or conferences, etc.

I Am Nobody without SomebodyThe ability to humble one’s self is a skill that every Christian should strive to master because Proverbs 3:34 tells us that God “mocks proud mockers but gives grace to the humble”. No matter how successful you become in life never forget to humble yourself.  Individuals who are too proud to recognize, honor or submit to others will eventually face destruction. As we humble ourselves, we come to truly understand how much we need others and learn to be thankful for people who influence, shape and impact our lives. In this dynamic speech, Dr. Buckingham challenges you to humble yourself, recognize others and give God the glory. He will guide you through some very profound Proverb verses about humility and inspire you to humbly accomplish the work God has given you to do. Inspiring, practical and informative, Dr. Buckingham shows you positive ways you can:

  • Celebrate your accomplishments while esteeming God along the way.
  • Sustain positive and long lasting relationships with individuals who supported you in achieving your goals.
  • Nurture your God-given talents and reap the rewards of His kingdom.
  • Discover the true power of humility and it how can propel you on the fast track toward success.

Target Audience: ChristiansAge: 12 and overSetting: Church, fellowship centers, community venues, etc.

If I Can Become a Doctor So Can You!Dreams start in the mind and are accomplished through action. As a young boy, Dr. Buckingham dreamed about becoming a doctor and was determined to accomplish his dream despite the fact that he grew up in urban America and was surrounded by drug dealers, hustlers and pimps. At times Dr. Buckingham believed that his life was insignificant and dispensable, but his ability to dream big propelled him to become the first doctor in his entire family. Dr. Buckingham knows firsthand the importance of dreaming big and challenges individuals to live out their dreams. In the words of Dr. Buckingham, “The shackles of hardship might bring you down, but the power of dreaming big will lift you up”.  The message Dr. Buckingham delivers in this inspiring speech will enable attendees to:

  • Dream big and face their disbelievers with confidence.
  • Revisit the innocent and untainted child in them.
  • Keep their dream alive despite experiencing minor set-backs or life challenges.
  • Overcome complicacy and mediocrity to achieve Ph.D. or MD status.
  • Maximize their potential to achieve success in life and excel beyond their wildest dreams.

Target Audience: Youth, college students or young adultsAge: 12 and overSetting: Youth conferences, college events or conferences

Stop Being a Victim: 4 Proven Strategies for Overcoming Hardship and Achieving SuccessHow did Dr. Buckingham overcome crime and poverty, the death of his mother to cancer at age 17, the murder of his 16 year old nephew, the murders of his 35 year old cousin and 22 year old best friend within a four year period and the destruction of his car due to falling asleep at the steering wheel while driving to college……and later became the first of eight siblings to attend and graduate from undergraduate and graduate school with honors; the first in his entire family to earn a doctorate degree; and the first to earn over $100,000 annually as a successful military officer and psychotherapy?

The answer is simple: he stopped being a victim. Through trials and tribulations, Dr. Buckingham realized that his biggest barrier to overcoming hardship and achieving success was himself.  In this powerful speech, Dr. Buckingham will inform you about four proven strategies that enabled him to stop being a victim and empowered him to exchange a lifestyle filled with hardship, disappointment and dread to a lifestyle filled with favor, satisfaction and confidence. Dr. Buckingham’s heart-felt personal story has helped thousands of individuals to:

  • Be Realistic – gain insight and understanding about hardship in order to overcome it and heal properly.
  • Develop rational Expectations – use sound reasoning to cope with hardship in a healthy and effective manner.
  • Maintain a positive Attitude – explore personal beliefs to ensure accountability for emotions, actions and behavior.
  • Love Unconditionally – learn to love yourself and others unconditionally in order to achieve unlimited success.

Target Audience: Anyone struggling with moving forward after experiencing hardship. The speech is designed to inspire individuals to look within in order to control their destiny.Age: 12 and overSetting: Any