The #1 Marriage Quality Profile Assessment

The Marriage Quality Profile (MQP) Assessment is designed to provide you with insight about your overall readiness for marriage, identify areas needing more growth and pinpoint seven personal qualities that have been frequently associated with marital happiness and longevity.

The assessment was developed based on the therapeutic work of Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham, a licensed clinical psychotherapist and relationship expert who has provided individual and marital therapy to over 30,000 clients from around the world. The seven personal qualities that Dr. Buckingham uses to predict marital readiness, compatibility, happiness and longevity were derived from his dissertation research and clinical interviews that he conducted with 30 couples who have been happily married for more than 20 years.

Are you…?

  1. Forgiving – willing and able to forgive; merciful and compassionate
  2. An Effective Communicator – delivers and receives messages with clarity
  3. Respectful – respects differences and shows admiration
  4. Integrity-Driven – behaves righteously when your partner is not present
  5. Self-confident – have confidence in yourself; free of doubt
  6. Trusting - believe in your partner; not suspicious
  7. Emotionally Resilient – possess the ability to adapt to stressful situations

Being a “good” woman or man does not necessarily qualify you as being marriage quality. By taking the MQP Assessment you can evaluate your readiness for marriage and find out if you possess the 7 personal qualities that are needed to succeed in marriage.

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This assessment contains 7 sections and has 10 questions in each section. By giving honest and spontaneous answers, you will get a sense of your marital readiness and/or the quality of your current marriage. Remember that there are no right and wrong answers, so do not spend a significant amount of time pondering over the questions.

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