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18th July 2024

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99 Strategies for Making Your Marriage Last Forever (BOOK)


There is no such thing as a perfect marriage because God did not create perfect people. This realization is what makes marriage last forever. Marital happiness and longevity is a by-product of work, which requires effort, time and energy. Experiencing ups and downs is part of the marital journey, but divorce should never be an option.

In 99 Strategies for Making Your Marriage Last Forever, marriage therapist Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham gives you the strategies that have helped thousands of couples from around the world experience marital harmony and lifetime happiness. On a daily basis, Dr. Buckingham earns his living by helping individuals, like you, experience the joys and benefits of marriage.

This timely and essential marriage book will teach you:

• How to rekindle the fire and revive your marriage

• How to be proactive, patient, positive, pleasant and passionate

• How to be adventurous

• How to give and get the very best in your marriage

And most importantly,

• How to Make Your Marriage Last Forever

If you embrace and sincerely apply the strategies outlined in this book, you too can experience the love that you felt in the beginning of your marriage and be on the road toward making your marriage last forever.

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