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18th July 2024

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A Black Woman’s Worth: My Queen and Backbone (DVD)

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An American Tragedy Stops Now!

Nationwide relationship statistics reveal that almost 50% of Black women are not married and 69% of Black children are born to unwed Black women.
— US Census

Black Women Honor Thyself. Black Men Place Black Women On Pedestals. Black communities throughout the world continue to face serious social dilemmas, which jeopardize and disenfranchise Black women. Film producer and psychotherapist, Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham shows males and females of all age how to initiate meaningful dialogue and change their negative and degrading perceptions of Black women.

This positive and uplifting film, “A Black Woman's Worth: My Queen and Backbone” empowers Black women to recognize their personal and ancestral worth and celebrates them by providing strategies to prevent demoralization and burnout. Behold, Black women are beautiful, Black women are powerful, and Black women are extraordinary…they are Queens.

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