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Can Black Women Achieve Marital Satisfaction? (BOOK)

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In this first edition of Can Black Women Achieve Marital Satisfaction? you will learn how childhood experiences have shaped and influenced Black women’s behavior as married adults.

Do Black Women’s Childhood Experiences Impact Their Marital Satisfaction?
“The way that I react to certain situations is the same that I saw my mother reacting with either me or my father. So, my husband will tell me all the time, ‘you’re a shit talking ass woman, you have no man respect.'”
— Georgia

“I was shut down by my father and did not have a voice as a child. So in my marriage, I didn’t feel like I had a voice either. I didn’t know how to communicate my emotions and feelings. So it came out angrily all the time.”
— Sabrina

“I learned a lot of positive things from my parents’ relationship, but the one thing that is probably a negative trait that I brought into my marriage is that I am bossy. Being bossy is the one trait that I think that I got from my mother.”
— Marsha

Message to Black Women
Dr. Dwayne Buckingham has advanced scientific knowledge by conducting the first-ever research study that explores how Black women’s childhood experiences impact their perceptions of achieving marital satisfaction. His ground-breaking research takes a look into the lives of seven Black women who shared their heartfelt childhood and adult experiences as married women.