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24th June 2024

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Inspiration from the Heart (CD)


The Inspiration from the Heart soundtrack is dedicated to women and men who honor and cherish individuals who are significant in their lives, especially their partners.

The Music CD is a celebration of the unwavering love, praise and sacrifice that women and men demonstrate toward each other on a daily basis. Inspiration from the Heart is without question a musical road-map for developing and sustaining healthy relationships based on R.E.A.L. love.

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Executive Producer: Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham
Original Music Written by Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham
Produced by John Karuss and Bobby Wilson
Music Performed by Prolyric, Tarlise and Fiyah
Graphic Design by Stephen Fortune

Song List

  1. My Queen and Backbone (Prolyric)
  2. My Conqueror (Tarlise)
  3. Unconditional Love (Prolyric)
  4. Unconditional Love II (Prolyric ft. Fiyah)
  5. My Queen and Backbone (Instrumental)
  6. My Conqueror (Instrumental)
  7. Unconditional Love (Instrumental)
  8. Unconditional Love II (Instrumental)
  9. Bonus Track: If I Should Die
  10. If I Should Die (Instrumental)
  11. My Queen and Backbone (Radio Version)
  12. My Conqueror (Radio Version)