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18th July 2024

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The Empathic Leader (Paperback): An Effective Management Model (BOOK)


With an increase in workplace violence, burnout, job dissatisfaction and employee turnover, the demand for change in management styles has never been greater than it is today. The traditional hierarchical, dictatorial styles of leadership are a thing of the past. Tyrannical managment has lost traction over the past few decades as people demand more empathically to be treated fairly in the workplace. The Empathic Leader is a simple, but powerful parable that reveals how leaders can enhance morale and increase workplace productivity by embracing and applying The 5 Skills of HIghly Empathic Leaders.

By reading this thought-provoking and personal story about leadership, you will learn how to transform from being a mission-focused tryrant leader to a people-focused empathic leader. By the book’s end you will truly understand the value of demonstrating empathy to create an environment where employees can perform exceptionally well. Although the story takes place in a military setting, The Empathic Leader management model can be applied by any leader in any organization. The plot is simplistic, but the message is life-changing.

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