The 5 Types of Churchgoing Saints


Like many saints, I go to church every Sunday because I enjoy fellowshipping and learning the word. But unfortunately, at times I get discouraged and dread going to church because I do not always look forward to dealing with the different types of saints. I realize that people are unique and different, but certain saints are difficult beings. However, in order to keep myself motivated and inspired about attending church, I engage in behavioral profiling which involves observing and categorizing saints.

I truly believe that understanding behavior is the first step to coping with it. Each saint has his or her reason (s) for attending church and in order to make the church a place where people can enjoy each other and fellowship in harmony, we have to start having conversations about the types of saints who attend and influence others in the church.

From my observations I have come to learn that are 5 Types of Churchgoing Saints. Read more