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My Career is Back On Track

United States Air Force
Washington, D.C.

I have been discussing my career aspirations with Dr. Buckingham during my coaching sessions and I am excited to say that my career is back on track. Dr. Buckingham helped me clarify my future goals and I am more focused than ever before. I know exactly what I want and need to do.


New York

Dr. Buckingham is “the REAL DEAL” when it comes to discussing topics pertaining to dating and relationships. I was completely thrown off when I listed my strengths and was told that they were superficial qualities. In one 45 minute session with Dr. Buckingham I learned more about myself and dating than I did paying thousands of dollars to Matchmaker.

For Marriage Minded-single Women

Dr. Chantay P. White, Clinical Psychotherapist
Author of Loving Me First

A must read for marriage minded-single women. Some books change your perspective about relationships and some books change your life. This book is definitely a life changer.

Dr. Dwayne is Brilliant

France K. Brakebill
Author of Finding Resilience in Divorce

Dr. Dwayne is brilliant. With the divorce rate steadily rising, this thought provoking and enlightening book offers single women essential insight into selecting and investing in a lifetime partner. I wish I had read this book before I selected and invested in my ex-lifetime partner.

A Powerful Marriage Guide

Stephan Labossiere
Bestselling Author, God Where Is My Boaz

A timely and powerful marriage guide for single women by a creditable and seasoned relationship expert.

Easy Comprehension for Readers

Dr. Shonta Smith

The book is well written and is easy comprehension for readers. Sections include a Glossary of Terms, Preface/Introduction, Part 1: The Selection Process: Great Candidate but A Lifetime Partner, Part 2: Roadblocks to Marriage, Part 3: The Investment: When To Close the Deal – Say, “I Do”, and Epilogue.

Informative Guide to Marriage

New York

For the past two years I have been in a relationship that is not going anywhere. After reading You Deserve More, I realized that I was wasting my time on man who is not marriage material. I am glad that I read this very informative guide to marriage.

A Timely and Relevant Workbook

Ruiz F. Augusto, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist

This is a timely and relevant workbook on empathic leadership. Dr. Buckingham summarizes Dr. Daniel Goleman’s steps for Emotional Intelligence and shares examples of how these ideas can be applied to improve one’s work environment. This workbook will prepare anyone to be an inspiring leader.

An Extremely Important Tool

Dr. Shonta Smith, Founder and CEO
Dr. Smith International

For leaders who struggle with developing positive and productive relationships with their employees in the workplace, this workbook provides many techniques that mangers can use to develop meaningful relationships…an extremely important tool that can positively impact organizational success.

Excellent Workbook

Randle Smith, Jr., CEO
Global Nation Branding & Marketing Concepts

This excellent workbook, which provides an overview of The 5 Skills of Highly Empathic Leaders, will be helpful to any leader who has a desire to enhance morale and increase workplace productivity. Enhancing morale and increasing workplace productivity by demonstrating empathy is a ‘win-win’ situation for both employees and leaders.

A Road Map for Leaders

Towan Isom
President and CEO, Isom Global Strategies

In The Empathic Leader…Dr. Buckingham provides a roadmap for leaders who have a strong desire to transform themselves and their organizations. His personal story is both inspiring and empowering. Every leader should strive to create a positive and compassionate workplace where employees can perform exceptionally well. Buy this book now and transform your organization.

Can Help Any Leader

Dr. Richard P. Chiles
Assistant Psychology Professor, JSU

The 5 Skills of Highly Empathic Leaders outlined in this ‘must read’ book can help any leader become more compassionate. Dr. Buckingham’s transparent and humanistic approach to leadership inspires us to believe in the greatness that dwells within employees when leaders replace dominance with empathy.

Mandatory Reading

Dr. Loretta Hobbs
Organizational Development Practitioner

The Empathic Leader should be mandatory reading for leaders at all levels of management. It is filled with many good lessons and is very easy to absorb.

It’s a Short, but Powerful Read

D. Lord
Enfield, CT

When I took the Strength Finder evaluation my second strength was empathy so the topic intrigued me. It’s a short but extremely powerful read that is well worth the effort. Many pundits side with the fact that empathy on a leadership level increases work satisfaction and productivity levels and this book solidifies what it takes to get there through 5 simple steps. I would recommend reading…

Save Your Marriage

North Carolina

My marriage was headed south really fast. I reached out to Dr. Buckingham and recommended that I read Unconditonal Love, Marriage Edition. I purchased the book and I honestly feel good about saving my marriage. The book provides strategies for making your marriage last forever. This is an excellent book for couples who want and need information about marriage.

A Must Read

Washington, D.C.

I purchased Unconditional Love, Marriage Edition for my husband and I. We read the book and completed the workbook. Our marriage as improved significantly. This is a must read.

Thanks for a Job Well Done

Jeremy Wiener, MSW, LGSW
Project Manager for Practice with Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families, National Association of Social Workers
Washington, D.C.

Dr. Buckingham did a great job. Not only did he develop an outstanding training module for NASW, his presentation was superb. He was engaging, explained things well and used personal experience. Thanks for a job well done.

I Have No Hesitation in Endorsing His Work

Elizabeth Hoffler, MSW, ACSW
Special Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer, National Association of Social Workers
Washington, D.C.

Dr. Buckingham is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker. He developed an outstanding training module for the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) geared towards educating social workers on the mental and behavioral health challenges facing Service Members, Veterans, and their families. He has an unwavering commitment to ensure that Veterans and military families receive quality mental health treatment and it was a pleasure working with him. I have no hesitation in endorsing his work.

Thank You for Inspiring Us

Dr. Theresia Ratliff
Director of Field Education, Jackson State University

Thank you for inspiring our faculty and students during our 30th Annual Social Work Month Celebration. Your “I Can” message was well received and inspired all that were in attendance. We look forward to having you come back again.

Outstanding Training Module

Jeremy Wiener, MSW, LGSW
Project Manager for Practice with Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families, National Association of Social Workers

Your “Veterans in Treatment: Providing Evidence Based PTSD Intervention” proposal has been selected as one of five courses for our Continuing Education Module on Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families. Thank you for taking the time to create this outstanding training module.

One of the Best Relationship Workshops I Have Ever Attended

St. Louis, MO

Dr. Buckingham’s “Unconditional Love: What Every Woman and Man Desires in a Relationship” workshop that was presented during the Healthy Marriage Conference in St. Louis was one of the best relationship workshops I have ever attended. I learned a lot about the difference between love and unconditional love.

I Have Seen Remarkable Changes in My Son

Ralph Williams
Columbia, MD

Dr. Buckingham is a knowledgeable life coach and his positive and uplifting approach in regards to working with youth is amazing. I hired him to coach my son and have seen remarkable changes in a very short timeframe. His “bedside manner” is comforting for any parent or family member. I highly recommend Dr. Buckingham.

Inspiring Me to Reach Deep

Marques Roger
Memphis, TN

My coaching sessions with Dr. Buckingham have been refreshing! He has slowly begun a process of introducing me to me! It’s amazing how we tend to allow trials and heartbreak to cause us to cover up who we truly are internally. Dr. Buckingham is inspiring me to reach deep and not to be afraid to truly live a positive life.

I Am Better Equipped to Lead

Mary Bowling
Consultant, United States Public Health Service (Retired CAPT)

I was instantly impressed with Dr. Buckingham’s professionalism and was in awe of his knowledge and wisdom about personal and organizational resiliency. Because of his commitment to empower others, I am better equipped to lead. The passion and zest that he imparts is remarkable. He is a personal inspiration to me as well as many others.

Lyrics Make You Feel Good Inside and Out

Cynthia Cross

The CD is very inspirational and has a good melody. I am amazed with Dwayne. The lyrics have meaning and make you feel good inside and out. I love the first song, My Queen and Backbone. Dwayne lets black women know that we desire more than what we settle for. Excellent CD!

Really Gets to the Meat of What Women Really Want to Know

St. Louis, MO

Loved, loved, loved the book! Great work! All of the chapters were good. What stuck out most was about psychological warfare, who influences him, relationship qualities, and the whole screening guide…oh, and the list of values. I’ll be having that discussion this weekend. The questions and answers at the end were the best. I should just read that first. LOL. I like the humor throughout too, especially since the first part almost made me cry (the part about the girl in college). The book just really gets to the meat of what women really want to know which is WHY?! I can look at all my past relationships and really understand who I was dealing with at that time as well as why I was dealing with them.

Blessed to Hear Such a Beautiful Song

Dr. Shonta Smith
St. Louis, MO

I attended the live performance of My Conqueror in St. Louis, MO and was blessed to hear such a beautiful song. I enjoyed the performance because our black men often do not hear anything positive about them. The song inspires black men to embrace their roles as conquerors. I loved it.

Thank You for Giving Me Understanding

Indianapolis, IN

I purchased your book Qualified, yet Single, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Thank you for giving me understanding in some areas that I just quite didn’t understand. I will pass the word on about how good of a writer you are and how good your book was. I will be purchasing more of your books. Thanks again and God bless you.

Absolutely LOVE the Book!

St. Louis, MO

Absolutely LOVE the book! Wow. It just cleared up my dating life in seconds…lol. I was making a clean sweep of all these men who tell me they want to be around but who really were not… And then I read “the screening guide” I am on the right path. You pretty much told me what their issues were as to why I felt they were not measuring up. THANKS!

I Loved the Film

Angie Williams
St. Louis, MO

A Black Woman’s Worth is a heartfelt film that celebrates Black women. I loved the film because it showed that Black women and men can have healthy and loving relationships. I left the theatre feeling hopeful about being able to be loved and treated like a Queen. Thank you for giving back to the community.

Every Black Woman Should See This Film

Dorothy Jones
North Carolina

A Black Woman’s Worth is an excellent film. I watched it with my twelve year old daughter and we both really liked it. I think every Black woman should see this film. It reminds us of how important and special we are to the Black community.

Dr. Buckingham is a Dynamic Speaker

Melody Goodwin
Retired Commander, United States Navy

Dr. Buckingham is a very dynamic speaker who leaves audiences wanting more. He delivered a heartfelt speech entitled, “When the Healer is Wounded” to 150 chaplains during our 7th Annual Interagency Chaplains Training Symposium at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

The Seminar Was Outstanding

Fr. Chester Smith
SVD The Bowman Francis Ministry Indianapolis, IN

The seminar you presented entitled “Building Powerful Families” at our National Black Catholic Men’s Conference in Atlanta, Georgia was outstanding and The Bowman Francis Team looks forward to another successful conference in Birmingham, Alabama.

Powerful Message

Norketa Hill
St. Louis, MO

A Black Man’s Worth (Conqueror and Head of Household) was an excellent documentary. Powerful message and a reminder that black men are the backbones and strength for our churches, family, and communities (I suggest all of you to order your copy today). D.L.B., may the Lord bless you and keep you!!!

You Are Brilliant

Teresa Moore
Jackson, MS

It was such an honor to meet you in person. I just want to let you that you are brilliant and have a lot of qualities. Keep up the good work and continue to be positive, warm, caring, aspiring, mentoring/motivating to others, and most of all keeping it R.E.A.L. Oh! I have started reading Unconditional Love. This book is very interesting. I wish I could read my textbooks like I read this book. I am almost finished reading it. It’s a #1 BEST SELLER!!!!

A True Christian Man

Dolores Gordon
LMSW, CMHT Jackson, MS

I plan on reading your books on my vacation next month. I am truly a blessed woman to have met a man of your caliber. You are a true Christian man and I appreciate you.

I’m Still Reading!!

Natasha Ford
St. Louis, MO

Dr. Dwayne, first of all, like with movies when something doesn’t catch my attention, I’m easily bored and I stop reading and watching. Let’s just say I’m still reading!! Unconditional Love: What Every Woman and Man Desires in a Relationship is awesome! Have a whole lot of questions. I really liked the poem!!!

An Excellent Film

Dr. Leon W. Chestang
PhD Dean, School of Social Work, Jackson State University Jackson, MS

I have been in the social service field for over 20 years and have reviewed hundreds if not thousands of films about issues that affect is one of the best I have ever seen. It highlights hardships ranging from slavery to modern day. This is an excellent film that sheds light on struggles that millions of Black males face daily. It also offers hope to Black Males who inspire to be Conquerors and Heads of Households.

The Students Really Enjoyed Your Seminar

Theresia Ratliff
PhD, LCSW Director of Field Education, School of Social Work, Jackson State University Jackson, MS

The students really enjoyed your seminar entitled “A Black Woman’s Worth” and we are looking forward to you being the guest speaker at our opening ceremony to kick off social work month. We would also love for you to do another workshop and will be honored if you would have a book signing as well.

A Black Man’s Worth Film Premiere

Various Attendees
Jackson, MS

This Young Man Knows What He is Talking About

Elder William Jones
First Baptist Church of
Glenarden Landover, MD

My book club read “A Black Man’s Worth” and invited Dr. Dwayne to our discussion. This young man knows what he is talking about. I agree with the information he outlined in this powerful self-help book. His presence was greatly appreciated and welcomed at our book discussion meeting.

A Black Woman’s Worth Seminar

Various Participants
St. Louis, MO

The Best Life Coach I Have Ever Worked With

Satisfied Client

Dr. Dwayne is the best life coach that I have ever worked with. He helped me learn things about myself that other life coaches did not notice or address. I look forward to my coaching sessions because I learn so much about myself and relationships.

A Diamond in the Rough

Thelma L. HaGood
Human Resource Director,
First Baptist Church
of Glenarden Landover, MD

Brother Buckingham is a diamond is the rough. His book entitled “A Black Man’s Worth” is a must have. He identified the psychological problems that many black males experience daily and offers them strategies to conqueror them. I purchased a “A Black Woman’s Worth” as well and plan to read it immediately. I am going to tell everyone who enters my office to purchase Brother Buckingham’s books.

A Wonderful Book

Shareeda Bennett
Washington, D.C.

My name is Shareeda Bennett, I’m the young lady from the train. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your book. I started reading it yesterday and I am already on chapter 3. I just cannot seem to put it down. Everything you have in the book it is so true. I think this is a wonderful book. Again, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read your book! I am so happy someone was bold enough to finally speak the truth.

A Must Have!

Dr. Stacey Nichols
St. Louis, MO

No one can match Dr. Dwayne Buckingham when it comes to self motivation. His book, Unconditional Love: What Every Woman and Man Desires in a Relationship is a very inspiring and enlightening book that causes individuals to self reflect as they embark on their journey to building and strengthening relationships. Steve Harvey’s book provides good insight into how a man thinks, but Dwayne Buckingham’s book provides excellent insight that helps women understand how to love themselves and their men. A must have!

The Fresh Breath I Was Waiting to Inhale

Pastor Denise Johnson
New Journey Baptist Church
St. Louis, MO

A Black Woman’s Worth” was truly the fresh breath I was waiting to inhale. The message brought down the walls that seem to divide the black man from the black woman from slavery to the present day. For the first time in a long time, the love I’ve given, the sacrifices and contributions I’ve made were recognized. I felt understood and like the songstress said, “I Feel Like Going On.

Your Seminar Touched the Inner Core of My Soul

Sylvia Brown
St. Louis, MO

Let me first start off by saying Dr. Buckingham, you are truly a man of God. I went to your seminar and it touched the inner core of my soul. This seminar made you face those character flaws and why we as women behave the way we do. I have always lived in fear, always afraid of trying the simplest things in life due to having been raised by an intimidating and controlling that haunted me for so long. After leaving the seminar I read your book twice and bought a copy for my daughter. Thank you man of God!

A Man That’s Making a Difference

Michelle Greene
Atlanta, GA

An outstanding man in my life that has committed himself to making this a better world is my life coach, Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham. Through his achievements he has been a father figure to everyone he comes into contact with. Dr. Buckingham is a psychotherapist, author, activist, and CEO/founder of R.E.A.L. Horizons Consulting Service, LLC. He believes everyone should know and understand their worth and has communicated those beliefs through multiple seminars and his two books, A Black Man’s Worth: Conqueror and Head of Household and A Black Woman’s Worth: My Queen and Backbone.

I met Dr. Buckingham and immediately knew that he was a respectable man. Dr. Buckingham has been guidance in my life by helping me set goals, prepare for my future, and understand my self worth. I read A Black Woman’s Worth, after having a long personal conversation with Dr. Buckingham about relationships.

The book gave me insight and knowledge about being in a healthy relationship with a male. Not having a father figure growing up and few respectable women role models, Dr. Buckingham took me under his presence and made me realize how important my temple is (body) and my worth as a young woman. I encourage others to get to know this positive powerful gentleman that has committed himself to others. Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham deserves to be celebrated as a man that’s making a difference.